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This year’s selection of Beers, Ales and Ciders has been carefully chosen for your enjoyment and taken from breweries all over the British Isles.


1. Grune Point 4.6% Derwent Brewery

A delicious single Citra hopped pale ale, full of citrus aroma and flavour.

Sponsored by:  CARRS FLOUR


2. Silloth Porter 4.5% Derwent Brewery

 A new brew for both the festival and the brewery.. Luxuriously self-indulgent. A rich dark porter with hints of chocolate and orange.



3. Marshall Port Stout 5.2% Derwent Brewery

Half a bottle of fine ruby port into each nine gallon cask, makes a deliciously smooth dark ale.


4. Hudson Bay 4.3% Derwent Brewery

A Golden hoppy pale ale with numerous additions of hops throughout the brewing process

Sponsored by:  ATLAS CONCRETE


5. Derwent Blonde 4.2% Derwent Brewery

 Finest lager and wheat malts, with delicate hop additions make a delicious cask lager style ale.


6. Cote Light 3.6% Derwent Brewery

 A pale hoppy easy drinking ale with a hit of Amarillo hops.



7. Parson’s Pledge 4.0% Derwent Brewery

 A complex recipe producing a golden amber bitter, with a delicate caramel, biscuit body.

Sponsored by:  SILLOTH GOLF CLUB


8. Blonde 3.8% Ennerdale Brewery

A fruity, golden beer with a heady burst of floral hop aroma and a satisfying clean bitterness. Blonde was first brewed as a summer ‘special’, but it proved so popular that it is now one of our permanent beers. A blonde for bitter drinkers.

Sponsored by:  AQD MEDIA, SILLOTH


9. Pale Ale 4.0% Ennerdale Brewery

Low-colour malt yields a good pale colour, and generous hopping with the English grown Fuggles and Pilgrim varieties, both in the boil, and as a dry-hop addition in the cask, make for a light, hoppy and refreshing summer beer.


10. Wild Ennerdale 4.2% Ennerdale Brewery

A golden amber coloured real ale, well-hopped with two varieties of English grown hops, yielding a good hop aroma and well rounded bitterness. We’re proud to brew this in association with The Wild Ennerdale Partnership.

Sponsored by:  SOLWAY IT ltd


11. Darkest Bitter 4.2% Ennerdale Brewery

A dark bitter, it is a more potent brew than our other beers, but it remains remarkably quaffable. With a rich, velvety texture, a definite chocolate flavour and a creamy head, this beer has converted hundreds of ‘light beer’ drinkers to the ‘dark side’.

Sponsored by: STANWIX SPAR


12. Peak Bagger Blonde 3.8% Hesket

The beer is hopped with generous amounts of Comet, Willamette and Simcoe, all American varieties and with those unmistakable flavours from over the pond. Expect citrus fruit, dank resin and pine notes on the palette with a long bitter finish. A perfect beer for those hot summer afternoon sessions that just keep on going!

Sponsored by: D A HARRISON


13. Brim Fell 4.5% Hesket

Designed to drink like an English IPA but with the delicious flavours of American hops. Copper coloured to give enough malt body to support the bitterness this is a well-balanced, full flavoured beer, a traditional take on a modern IPA.


14. Haystacks 3.7% Hesket

A light, zesty beer with a clean bitterness. Brewed with finest pale ale malt, the mash liquor is adjusted to maximise the refreshing qualities of this brew. Finally the brew is late hopped to give hints of citrus making this a perfect session ale to

re-invigorate after a day on the fells.



15. Helvellyn Gold 4.0% Hesket

A smooth, straw coloured bitter. Hopped with English varieties including Goldings and Challenger hops to give a mellow bitterness. Brewed using malted oats alongside Maris Otter pale ale malt to give an exceptionally smooth finish to this

excellent beer.


16. Yorkshire Pride 3.7% Acorn

Light golden ale with well balanced creamy malt and good bitterness. Bags full of whole hops for the aroma impart a grassy, citrus aroma.


17. Blonde 4.0% Acorn

A beautifully balanced pale ale with a clean crisp finish.


18. Lighthouse 3.4% Adnams

A classic golden amber beer developed from Adnam’s Champion Pale Ale, it delivers a crisp, refreshing taste. It has a light fragrance, lovely malt flavours and long hoppy finish. Brewed with Pale Ale and Crystal malt, it has a hint of caramel and toffee. It’s hopped with a blend of Fuggles and Goldings hops. Lighthouse takes it’s name from one of the most iconic and adored landmarks in the brewery’s hometown of Southwold, which is often photgraphed and depicted in paintings.

Sponsored by:  ENKEV UK Ltd


19. Jakes Mild 4.0% Avalon

A dark mild with a fruity, roasted malt flavour and a chocolate and dark fruit aroma.


20. Blonde 5.0% Bank Top

A beautifully balanced pale ale with a clean crisp finish.


21. Cracker Ale 3.9% Barngate

Copper coloured. Subtle hoppy aroma, clean and smooth with a long bitter finish. A well-rounded ale.

Sponsored by:  SOLWAY BUZZ


22. Coffee Stout 5.0% Bingham

Coffee complements the dark malts and strangely mellows the flavours to provide a smooth drinking stout which smells as good as it tastes.


23. Pheasant plucker 3.7% Bowland
Copper coloured bitter with rounded berry flavours


24. Golden Bolt 3.8% Box Steam

A straw coloured bitter with a tropical fruit nose and a fruity, bitter aftertaste.


25. Northern Soul 3.8% Bradford

A deep golden ale made using the finest of English hops. A golden beer from a golden county.


26. Tequila Blonde 3.8% Bridgehouse

A crisp blonde ale with sweet citrus aromas infused with real Mexican Tequila and lime which result in an exciting mix of floral and citrus flavours balanced by the bitterness.


27. Bridgehouse Blonde 4.0% Bridgehouse

A modern blonde coloured ale with big traditional flavours from a blend of four hops and two malts that result in an exciting mix of spicy floral flavours balanced by bitterness.



28. Ruby 1874 Mild 3.5% Bushys

An authentic 100% malt brewed mild with a fine aroma of crystal malt and fuggles and challenger hops. Deep red in colour, the flavour is well balanced creating a popular session beer.


29. Kirkland Blonde 3.6% Chadwick

An easy-drinking, blonde session ale with a distinctive hop and aroma.


30. Classic Blonde 3.9% Clarks

A timeless, refreshing pale straw coloured ale with a fruity aroma with light spicy taste. Brewed with American Cascade hops.



31. Cornish Bronze 3.7% Coastal

A traditional bitter brewed with Maris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts blended with choice hops.


32. Harrier 3.5% Cotleigh

A light and refreshing beer. Bright and golden in colour with a delicate floral aroma with the Saaz hop spice for a dry but clean and sweet finish.



33. Daleside Blonde 3.9% Daleside

A refreshing golden beer with a hoppy aroma and a crisp palate. Extremely quaffable with a delicate taste and a subtle aftertaste.


34. Elland Blonde 4.0% Elland

A dry and aromatic bitter made with Maris Otter malt and using hops from England and America. Strong on aroma with a

bitter finish.


35. Moonraker Mild 3.8% Empire

A traditional black mild, brewed using Bramling cross hops for spicy blackcurrant flavours and aromas.



36. Exe Valley Bitter 3.7% Exe Valley

Full bodied bitter based on an old West Country recipe. Malty, not highly hopped with a sweetish finish Goldings Fuggle & Cascade hops.


37. Stirling Pale 3.9% Flipside

A fairly hoppy pale ale. Easy drinking with a bitter, spicy hop flavour. A good session ale.


38. Mucky Duck Stout 4.0% Fuzzy Duck

Dark stout, slightly sweet with chocolate and coffee notes from the roasted malt.



39. Great Heck Blonde 4.3% Great Heck

Brewed with the finest British Maris Otter malted barley and a touch of wheat malt for rich, golden, satisfying ale hopped with a blend of English and Slovenian hops for a zesty finish.

Sponsored by:  SILLOTH SPAR


40. Helter Skelter 3.6% Great Orme

Quaffable hoppy golden ale with a lovely balanced hop flavour. The last sip is as enjoyable as the first.


41. Farne Island Pale 4.0% H&B

An amber coloured bitter, perfectly blended malt and hops makes this well-rounded beer balanced and refreshing.



42. Hammerpot Pale Ale 4.1% Hammerpot

A light, golden, tangy pale ale with a full, fresh, hop flavour.


43. Charrington IPA 4.5% Heritage

A mid coloured IPA with Malty aromas and resinous English hop notes. It has a pleasant hoppy bite leading to a smooth malty flavour, together with a balanced lingering bitterness. Definitely moreish especially for those who enjoy hops.


44. Hop Studio Blonde 3.5% Hop Studio

A cracking citrus and gooseberry driven pale blonde session ale.


45. Pride of the Valley 3.8% Itchen Valley

Brewed to mark Itchen Valley’s 20th anniversary in 2017 ! Maris Otter, Cara Gold and Carafe malts give it its hazel brown colour whilst Columbus, Nugget and Admiral hops give a delightful aromatic and slightly bitter taste.



46. Pure Blonde 3.8% Joules

A modern beer style that is fresh, and has a hoppy - citrus nose. Brewed using mostly lager malt and a Czech hop variety Saaz. Saaz is an aroma hop - it has a lot of delicate light hop oils which produce the hoppy, citrus nose, some even note pineapple. So very much a hop aroma but with a light delicate fruity overtone and the lager malt allows this hop character through to the fore.


47. Stanley Pale 3.8% Kirkby Lonsdale

Brewed using a trio of pale malts, together with a trio of hop varieties to create a sessionable pale ale with balanced malt and hop notes.



48. Amber 3.6% Lancaster

Lancaster Amber is a high quality, session beer. Punching above its weight in flavour it is a low strength bitter that is dark gold in colour and complements its flavour profile with an abundantly hoppy bouquet allowing the drinker to relish subtle floral and citrus aromas. This is a classic session bitter that is both aromatic and bursting with flavour.


49. Stone Cutter 3.7% Lymestone

A pale beer with glorious floral and citrus flavours. A fusion of Maris Otter malts and Pilot and Fuggles hops explode on the palate as biscuit and juicy fruit flavours give way to citrus and berry hops, good hop aroma and hoppy after taste.

Sponsored by:  SILLOTH SPAR


50. Thwaites Original 3.6% Marstons

A clean dry tasting and refreshing session bitter with a glowing amber appearance, brewed using Maris Otter malt and a blend of traditional English hops including Goldings and Fuggles ensuring a malty flavoured beer with a delicate dry finish.


51. Mole Trap 3.8% Mauldons

A traditional mid-brown bitter coloured beer. Well balanced beer with a crisp bitterness, and malty flavours in the finish.



52. Gold 3.8% Moles

Golden refreshing hoppy beer with a citrus zest flavour and tropical fruit aroma derived from the Brewers Gold hops which balance the Maris Otter malt flavours.


53. Passchendaele 3.9% Mr Grundys

An all English, straw coloured, pale sharp bitter with citrusy overtones. Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, the battle for the village of Passchendaele during WWI became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud.


54. Snowstorm 3.8% Northallerton

Brewed using the finest malts with Brewers Gold and Aurora hops to give a well balanced bitterness with fruity and spicy characteristics.

Sponsored by: JOHN COOK SIGNS


55. Three Point Nine 3.9% Outstanding

Pale, smooth and fruity. America’s finest hops, fashion a slightly spicy, mellow bitterness whilst their southern hemisphere cousins provide a passion fruit aroma in this pale session beer.



56. Fosters Lager 4.0% Heineken UK

First brewed by William and Ralph Foster in Melbourne in 1888.



57. Moonshine 7.5% Broadoaks

Medium crisp refreshing premium strong cider that defies the ABV!



58. Pear & Chilli 4.0% Broadoaks

A classic National Gold Award winning Perry expertly blended with an influence of South East Asia chilies imparting a lovely warm finish.


59. Abrahalls AD Medium 6.0% Celtic

A well rounded,easy to drink, medium cider, made on the family farm from 100% cider apples grown in our Herefordshire cider apple orchards. The cider is made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples – Dabinett, Michelin and a smattering of Kingston Black.

Sponsored by:  BENNETTS


60. Slack Alice 4.6% Celtic

A medium well-rounded cider, yet still mellow with a very slight tart finish. Described as “Great mouth feel and a lot ‘going on’ on the flavour front, you’re onto a winner!!”


61. Monkey Mango 4.0% Cockeyed

At Cockeyed Cider in their mill and brewery in deepest, darkest Devon, they make both traditional and contemporary cider. Monkey Mango – a brand new invention and flavour – be one of the first to try this!


62. Farmhouse Scrumpy 5.3% Gwynt

Golden medium cider with a refreshing apple aroma. Smooth balanced flavour that has a fresh, crisp sharpness.



63. Wild Summer 4% Kentish Pip

A perfect cider for long summer afternoons. A combination of dessert and cider apples are used to create it, aswell as steeping some fresh elderflowers in the mix to give it a refreshing, zesty kick.


64. Lemon & Ginger Cider 4% Lilleys

This unfiltered medium dry cider has been expertly blended to bring out the zing of the lemon and ginger.


65.  Rhubarb Cider 4% Lilleys

Expertly blended crisp somerset cider & tangy rhubarb to make this taste sensation. Sweet & full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge to it.


66. Applejack Bristol Portway 6% Original Cider Co

A medium still cider with an apple aroma. Formally known as ‘Bristol Port’


67. Original Perry 7.5% Original Cider Co

Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh taste of pear


68. Blood Orange 4% Seacider

Made with real blood oranges and blended with Seacider Medium, this cider is refreshing and packed with flavour.



69. Blackberry & Elderflower 4% Sheppys

A sublime combination of rich blackberry, with the delicate floral overtones of elderflower.


70. Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit 4% Snailsbank

The sweet tasty Pineapple is balanced out by the tangy Grapefruit. English cider with a tropical twist!


71. Whiskey Cider 6.9% Thistly Cross

Matured in ex-Glen Moray (previously Glenglassaugh Distillery) whisky casks, this is a dry & subtle cider. Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. A refreshing, complex drink to be savoured.


72. Old Rosie 7.3% Westons

Weston’s allow this cider to settle out naturally after fermentation resulting in a truly old fashioned, full flavoured, apply, cloudy scrumpy, with a well balanced medium dry character.


73. Dark Fruits Strongbow

A refreshing cider with fruit, cut with blackcurrant and blackberry for the ultimate refreshment every time.

Discover your dark side!


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